Personal Injury Litigation

We represent injured people from all walks of life who have been injured as a
result of someone else’s negligence.   Whether you have been injured in a
motor vehicle accident, a trip or slip and fall accident, because of a defective
product, an animal attack or due to medical malpractice, if you are harmed as
a result of the negligence of someone else, the law says that you are entitled
to recover money damages to compensate you for this wrong.  We recognize
that no one wants to be injured and in reality no amount of money can really
compensate you for what you have to endure after being hurt.

However, soon after being injured most victims discover that virtually
everyone treats you as if you did something wrong.  The other person’s
insurance company will try to get you to let them tape record their
interrogation of you.  They will call it a “recorded statement”.  They will ask
you to sign medical authorizations which allow them access to all of your
medical records and then they will pay a doctor to use your prior medical
records to assert that all of your new injuries are the result of preexisting
medical conditions.  They will often discourage you from consulting a
lawyer.  Often times, your own insurance company will behave in a manner
which is no better.  

It is often difficult to get either insurance company to fully compensate you
for damage to your vehicle, car rental expenses and lost wages.  Your own
insurance company will also ask for a “recorded statement” and will
frequently try to limit the amount of medical treatment you are able to

It may seem like everyone believes that you are doing something wrong if
you consult an attorney or try to receive full and fair compensation for
injuries and damages that someone else caused!  Rest assured that there is
absolutely nothing wrong with knowing your rights or seeking to be
compensated for the damages which you have sustained.

Our goal and our job is to help you to obtain the compensation that the law
says you are entitled to receive.  We will work hard to protect your rights
and to present your case in a thorough and comprehensive way.  If we cannot
obtain a far settlement offer from the insurance companies, we will not
hesitate to file a lawsuit and present your case to a jury.  

If you have been injured, you can call us any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a
week, for a free consultation.  We will come to your home or visit you in the
hospital to discuss your case.  If we agree to represent you, you will not owe
us any money unless we obtain a recovery for you.

Residential & Commercial Real Estate

We represent individual homeowners who purchase and finance their homes,
as well as various lenders, builders and developers.  Howard has personally
conducted literally thousands of residential real estate closings.

In the area of commercial real estate, Howard has been involved in a wide
array of real property transactions, including the sale, leasing and purchase of
office buildings, retail facilities, shopping centers and small apartment

We assist clients in the structuring and negotiation of sale and purchase
agreements, leases, development agreements and management contracts.

Commercial & Civil Litigation

We represent our clients in connection with the pursuit of civil and
commercial claims, as well as the defense of such lawsuits, before all state and
federal courts, as well as arbitrations forums, administrative agencies and
mediation services. We have experience litigating complex business claims,
shareholder disputes, contract and lease claims, real estate tax appeals, equity
actions, real estate title and title insurance disputes, construction disputes,
zoning disputes, insurance claims and/or coverage disputes and collection

Bankruptcy, Foreclosure & Collections

We have significant experience in representing lenders in mortgage
foreclosure actions and deficiency judgment claims and in protecting
creditor's rights throughout the bankruptcy court process. Moreover, we have
been able to assist many individuals who are going through difficult times
and have fallen behind on their payments. Sometimes the best course of action
is to file Bankruptcy to discharge your debt sometimes it is not. We welcome
the opportunity to provide you with a free consultation to review your
situation and develop a plan that is best for you.

Estate Planning & Administration

We recommend that everyone have an estate plan, regardless of his or her
age or particular financial situation. The typical estate plan includes a will,
power of attorney and a living will (also known as an advance medical
directive).  However, sometimes a trust makes sense to accomplish particular
estate planning goals.

Likewise, if you have lost a loved one we stand ready to guide you through
the probate process.  We will evaluate your situation and advise you
regarding any debt which might or might not have to be paid, which assets
are subject to inheritance tax and how to obtain a discount on inheritance tax.  

Before making any suggestions to you, we want to speak with you about your
goals, objectives and concerns and make sure we  completely understand your

Family Law

It is always difficult when a relationship ends. What will happen to your
house? How will you split up your furniture, bank and retirement accounts?
Who will get custody of your children? Emotions can be overwhelming. It is
very important during that confusing and emotional time to have an attorney
who can guide and counsel you regarding the important financial and life
decisions that you will have to make.

Business Planning & Corporations / Entity Formation

We regularly work with our clients' tax, accounting and insurance
professionals to help our clients choose the proper form of entity in which to
conduct business, including corporations, limited and general partnerships,
limited liability companies and limited liability partnerships.

We also evaluate employment policies and handbooks and we draft
employment-related contracts for employees, independent contractors, and
other employment arrangements.  We also handle disputes concerning
restrictive covenants and non-competition agreements.

DUI, Drivers License Suspension and Criminal Matters

Good people make mistakes. We know that and we are here to help you to
get through a difficult, embarrassing and often terrifying time. Our goal is to
have your charges dismissed or reduced and your record expunged if
possible. We want to help you to set things right and to move past this bad
experience as quickly as possible.

Insurance Coverage / Bad Faith

We have assisted homeowners and business owners alike when their
insurance company has denied their valid claim.  We have also taken on
insurance companies who have violated their duty of good faith and fair
dealing to the people who they cover.  If you are having difficulty resolving a
claim against your insurance company, we can help.  

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If you do not see an area in which you are interested in do not
hesitate to contact this office.  We may be able to help.
It may be true that
the law cannot
make a man love
me, but it can keep
him from lynching
me, and I think
that's pretty
important. - Dr.
Martin Luther King,
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"I do solemnly swear or
affirm: I will support the
Constitution of the United
States and the
Constitution of this State,
and I will faithfully perform
the duties of attorney at
law.  I will exhibit, and I will
seek to maintain in
others, the respect due
courts and judges.  I will,
to the best of my ability,
abide by the Model Rules
of Professional Conduct
and any other standards
of ethics proclaimed by
the courts, and in
doubtful cases I will
attempt to abide by the
spirit of those ethical
rules and precepts of
honor and fair play.  I will
not reject, from any
consideration personal to
myself, the cause of the
impoverished, the
defenseless, or the
oppressed I will endeavor
always to advance the
cause of justice and to
defend and to keep
inviolate the rights of all
persons whose trust is
conferred upon me as an
attorney at law."  - Oath
administered to new
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"A man who is his
own lawyer has a
fool for a client."
- Hunt
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"Anyone who
believes a better
day dawns when
lawyers are
eliminated bears
the burden of
explaining who will
take their place.
Who will protect the
poor, the injured,
the victims of
negligence, the
victims of racial
violence?" -     
John J. Curtin, Jr.
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